#Plumstead … #MakesADifference

By John Gentz
Plumstead Area Specialist

In the USA it is not uncommon for a buyer and seller to both be represented by two different agents but in South Africa the agent although usually employed under mandate by the seller, has the task of looking after everyone’s interests in an objective way as required by the EAAB Code of Conduct.

In my opinion, the buyer should not just be encouraged to buy, but also be assisted to be as informed as possible in all aspects of the transaction including financing, the property market as well as the property they are interested in buying.

This is clearly good for the seller too, as fewer sales are cancelled if the buyer is prepared and assisted.  Putting a willing and able buyer together with a willing and able seller is about making sure everyone is on the same page and a win- win result is the objective. It minimises the chance of everyone involved being disappointed and wasting their time with deals collapsing because of a lack of knowledge, preparation and confidence.

My superb relationship with Liz Botha of Betterbond can save a lot of disappointment for all concerned and make sure that buyers working with me are ready to take action with confidence.  

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